At Chord we are regularly approached about working with clients to help with roadshows and multiple activations.


Touring structures are cost effective as one off costs can be amortised over a number of events.

The structures need to be robust and fit for purpose to withstand footfall, transportation and wear and tear. Not to mention the increase in awareness from clients on re-usability of materials to reduce waste puts added onus on suppliers to provide viable and sustainable products.

As with all our products, we focus on a premium finish and high-end aesthetic too, which you get with our products. Here are few things to consider if you are working on a roadshow:

  1. It is crucial that both the creative and production teams work closely at the concept stage to ensure the design can work in practice and any modifications are made in the manufacturing stage.

  2. The install and dismantle will typically need to be achieved in a short time frame so this will impact on the level of complexity and any additional fit out.

  3. The structures can often be on challenging sites with varying terrain and access, which again will impact on design, feasibility and ultimately visitor access.

  4. By using a structure for multiple uses significantly reduces environmental impact by using a high percentage of reusable materials, which is a big positive for some clients. 

  5. There are a number of logistical considerations which will have a big impact on feasibility and budgets eg. how many trucks/support vehicles are required? How many crew? How long does it take to put up/dismantle? Can this be achieved in the site schedule? What is the access like at each site?

Structures need to be robust and fit for purpose to withstand footfall, transportation and wear and tear

We never underestimate the value we can bring as an experienced supplier to help clients through this process: to guide them to find the best possible solution and ensure a positive outcome for their client or brand.

From our extensive research and experience of working with other products, we are confident that our temporary structures offer the UK market an unparalleled product that is light on operations and big on quality and flexibility.

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