Something different

Chord was born from a desire to offer something better to the market: quality materials, high service levels, beautiful design and highly functional products. 



Founder John Hart, set up Chord in 2016 after working in the events industry for nearly 20 years. John recognised that clients were becoming more sophisticated with their event marketing and high-end brands wanted better quality and more customisable products than what was currently on the market.

A perfectionist and a geek at heart (what a combination), John researched heavily to see what was available to meet the changing demands of our clients: marketing objectives, multiple activations, scalability, customisation.

John compiled the Chord portfolio off the back of his findings and truly believes in the products we offer as being the best quality in the market, the best looking and offer the most flexibility to meet different client needs.


John is never happier than when he’s tearing down the side of a hill covered in mud and doing some ‘sick’ jumps on one of his many mountain bikes.

His other passion is cars. Fast cars. He can spot a Porsche GT3 RS on the opposite carriage way in thick fog…

He’s a father to toddler twin boys. It puts a new perspective on every aspect of your life and puts into focus why you do what you do. Chord is largely for his boys.



Katie officially joined Chord in January 2019 after supporting John in the background since he set up Chord on his own: working on marketing, CRM and keeping the family household running.

After nearly 15 years of working in London for leading law firms in business development and marketing roles, Katie brings a wealth of experience of working in a demanding environment, operating under pressure to tight deadlines whilst meeting very high expectations.

A sucker for a project plan and document wallets, Katie has strong track record of project management and pulling teams of people together to make magic happen.

Ultimately, Katie is driven by the desire to achieve greatness for our clients.


Katie is a hot yoga and pilates enthusiast. Nothing can help you switch off from life than standing in a 39 degree humid room trying to hold dancers bow or do a roll up.

She loves all things French and France having lived there for nearly two years. It gave her a love of red wine, fresh baguettes, cheese and Kir Royale.

She’s a mother to toddler twin boys. As well as the sleep deprivation, it puts life into a stark and shiny new light. Chord is largely for her boys.